Thanks, Jerry, for your interest in my work and your suggestion.

At some point I might well take you up on it. I think it's a reasonably important issue, from the standpoint of history of ideas, the fragmentation of knowledge, and the socialization of Marxists. To do this, I would have to reorganize my rants in an orderly fashion, as I've done in other cases, and get them into coherent shape. Also, I have not read all of Rosa's installments, and she has not written them all either.

So let me think about this.

At 11:38 AM 3/6/2006 -0500, Jerry Monaco wrote:
Mr. Dumain, Even though I rarely reply to this list, I subscribe to it mostly because of your essays. I was wondering if you could collect all of your "polemics" in re Rosa and post them on your website? Jerry

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