>>>CB: What are some of the specifics of that integration ?<<

First, a correction. I must have imagined any Piaget-Vygotsky
correspondence. Piaget only found out about Vygotsky's work after his
death, through contact with people who studied under Vygotsky.

Second, we have discussed this before (or at least Piaget as a
philosopher of social science of the 20th century, a status the
Anglo-analytic traditions ignore), but since that time I have found
more online, including a straightforward Marxist critiques of Piaget
(Lektorsky, Durak):






I will follow up on that use of the term 'means of production' as that
fascinates me more than the 'dialectic' one, which we already
discussed anyway. I think Durak's charge (after a quick scan read, so
don't hold me responsible for not understanding Durak just yet)
against Piaget of 'idealism' holds, then it makes all structuralists
and Frege idealists as well.


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