>>WL: CB  . . .  repeatedly and directly . . . in his line of arguing the
existence of industrial  capital and Lenin's "Imperialism."  And in
statement that
American society  is not qualitatively different from feudal Russia. Russia
was after all  basically feudal in its economic and social structures
when Lenin
died. America  was qualitatively different from Russia when Lenin was alive. <<

More importantly Lenin was referring to the national and international
capitalism of his day, not just Russia emerging from a feudal empire.
Of course he addressed speculation, but of course he addressed it in a
world where there was no 24-7 electronic frenzy to worldwide trading
across linked markets (although don't count that out completely
because of the telegraph). Forgive us, though, if some of us
inherently trust the analysis of Lenin more than we do a guy in charge
of an investment fund in NYC (who may well write apocalyptic rhetoric
about speculative finance simply because he is ocean deep in the
bearest of all bear bets).

>>Some of the discussion is sectarian on both sides but not the majority of
it. I think. The matter of who rules today is going to be important with Obama
coming into office. One cannot push him to the left.<<

Well if he could be pushed to the left he would snap in the wind.

The only place this man has to go is into a S. Asian quagmire (can't
wait for the Pashtun to attack the first convoy of Bradley vehicles
leaving Pakistan) to match the Mesopotamian quagmire (surely the most
successful occupation ever in terms of the sheer deficit spending on a
handful of contractors and their myriad camp following
sub-contractors). And a capitalist and ruling class crisis that makes
the US of 2008 look like a combination of the British Empire in 1918,
B.E. in 1945 and the US in 1929 and I don't know freaking what!--and
that doesn't do it justice!!!

>>He is finance capital representative left to tap dance between the whims of 
>>productive and non-productive capital.<<

Why do I like the term 'production capital' better?  Where in Das
Kapital does Marx use that term 'productive capital' or am I simply
misremembering the term and there is a distinction between productive
capital and production capital?

Of course the capitalist who has none of Marx in the first place would
say my money is my money, and I want this money to PRODUCE more money
anyway it can (which is why we get blackbox monsters of the stock
market like Enron, World Crossing, Tyco, Citigroup, AIG, etc--much of
the accounting for which is still set up for industrial capitalists
trying to pay fewer taxes--so they have enough money to pay
state-level politicians).

>> Get ready for advocacy of the anti-monopoly coalition.  It is
the Democratic party that has to be isolated and their grip over the  workers
broken. Obama has already had his day in the sun by being elected.
 Give it six months. <<

Are you being ironic about the 'anti-monopoly coalition' (just
thinking of Lenin again)? Or did you mean some kind of political
monopoly (the Repugs and the Demoncrats).

The Democratic Party I would say doesn't have a grip on the
workers--that is why Repugnicans win so many elections. It isn't even
going to take six months for the so-called markets to realize that
after another trillion outlay from the federal government, Pres. Obama
and all his Clintonite friends haven't got a clue as to what they are


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