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>From another list:


This article, "The changes in the composition of the working class and
the proletariat" by Comrade Jean Pestieau of the Workers' Party of
Belgium and presented at the International Communist Seminar in Brussels
is very relevant in this day and age when the bourgeoisie is claiming
that the proletariat is becoming "insignificant" as the economies of
advanced countries shifts from industry to services.
        In this well researched presentation, Comrade Jean Pestieau refutes
this claim of the "insignificance" of the proletariat by the
        I must thanks the WPB for this article since it is a question I have
been interested in for a long time.
        Since it contains some graphics, I have provided the link above and the
first section of the article.
Top of article follows:=

               International Communist Seminar
                  Brussels, May 2-4, 1998

   The changes in the composition of the working class and the

                      Jean Pestieau
                 Workers' Party of Belgium 


To say that in the industrialised countries, the working class is
disappearing as
monopoly capitalism develops, is false. To the contrary, its composition
is changing
with the development of technologies that incorporate more and more
labour in the production of commodities. The working class is becoming
more and
more prominent in the services sector. While acknowledging this
evolution, the
leading role of the industrial proletariat - both in the industrialised
countries and in
the Third World - must be underscored in terms of its conscientisation,
organisation and its unification of all workers in their fight for
socialist revolution.

 The myth of the end of the working class

According to the majority of bourgeois ideologues and to the reformists,
workers in the industrialised countries are a species on the road to
Capital would no longer need the working class to develop. The Manifesto
of the
communist party would be a thing of the past, as it claims: "To the
extent that the
bourgeoisie develops, i.e. capital, also the proletariat develops, the
class of modern
workers who survive only on the condition that they find employment, and
who will
find employment only if their labour increases capital." (1)

Continue: http://www.wpb.be/icm/icm.htm 

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