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> From Anti-Duhring
> With the seizing of the means of production 
> by society, production of 
> commodities is done away with, and, simultaneously, the
> mastery of the 
> product over the producer. Anarchy in 
> social production is replaced by 
> systematic, definite organization. The struggle for
> individual 
> existence disappears. Then, for the 
> first time, man, in a certain 
> sense, is finally marked off from the rest of the animal
> kingdom, and 
> emerges from mere animal conditions
> of existence into really human 
> ones. The whole sphere of the conditions of life which
> environ man, 
> and which have hitherto ruled man, 
> now comes under the dominion and 
> control of man, who for the first time becomes the real,
> conscious 
> lord of nature, because he has now
> become master of his own social 
> organization. The laws of his own social action, hitherto
> standing 
> face-to-face with man as laws of 
> Nature foreign to, and dominating 
> him, will then be used with full understanding, and so
> mastered by 
> him. Man's own social organization, 
> hitherto confronting him as a 
> necessity imposed by Nature and history, now becomes the
> result of his 
> own free action. The extraneous 
> objective forces that have, hitherto, 
> governed history,pass under the control of man himself.
> Only from that 
> time will man himself, more and 
> more consciously, make his own history 
> — only from that time will the social causes set in
> movement by him 
> have, in the main and in a constantly 
> growing measure, the results 
> intended by him. It is the ascent of man from the kingdom
> of necessity 
> to the kingdom of freedom

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