Ralph Dumain 

I thought Proyect hated Sokal.

CB: I don't know about that.
I think he doesn't hold
much truck with post-modernism


The review is hardly brilliant but it is to the point.

I am sure Sokal got all his information about India from Meera Nanda, 
who has written numerous books and articles on the subject.

I haven't read Sokal's books, though I have always been in sympathy 
with his aims.  However, judging from the review, there comes a point 
where one ends up beating a dead horse to death.

CB: Yeah you right, comrade, but there
are probably some potential converts
to Marxism among among post-modernists
who get their heads straight. And some
young thinkers who witness the debates
may go more directly to materialism.
Understanding of truth derives from correction of error.

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