The huge mass that was once dubbed the reserve army of labor, was called  
such precisely because it was a reserve to be thrown into the battle for  
production during peak period of production. No level of production and  
today can throw this huge mass of labor into the production process,  because 
of what Marx called "the progress of industry." This mass of labor has  been 
rendered superfluous to the production of capital as an expanded value in  the 
absolute sense.  Here is the 800 lb. gorilla in the living room many  deny 
exist, with other claiming it is not really a gorilla at all. From reserve  
to a permanent caste of proletarians shut out the civic society of the  


CB: True. But there never is a time when
there hasn't been mass unemployment,
even in the boom phase of cycles. Bourgeois
economics defines "full"employment as
4% unemployment. Maybe the  lowest
percentage will get bigger under your

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