Barack Obama wonderful book, "Dreams from My Father," is the immigrant  
story, a black immigrant, rather than the history of the Negro People, and his  
acute awareness of this living history accounts for his unique and individual  
ability to cross the color line. When Obama writes, "My identity might begin  
with the fact of my race, but it didn’t, couldn’t, end there," what is meant is 
that my identity is not defined on the basis of the color factor in American 

The words of Obama reveals why no self respecting Marxist, born and reared  
as part of the "baby boomers," can deploy the concept race, other than the 
petty  bourgeois intellectuals unable to fully digest dialectics without 
opportunist  sauce.

CB:  Obama's words don't mean that. Unlike most
Black people he was raised by White parents
and grandparents. This gave him an unusual 
ability to understand both aspects of his 
Duboisian double consciousness. It allows
him to be a uniter, not a divider.

Obama is not an immigrant. He had little contact
with his immigrant father. He was raised by
US natives

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