Insofar as I understand what Waistline is saying here, I agree with all of it.

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>To begin a  presentation - (the six part series for Black History Month, and 
>the follow up  dialogue) with class, class struggles and class antagonism, and 
>then point out  that Obama is the CEO of the capitalist class may very well 
>be "dogmatic  ,formulaic thinking ," or a refusal to "try to think 
>dialectically." But, there  is no way to see how one thinks other than as it 
>is expressed 
>in exposition. For  me this means class intersection and where the communist 
>must push for the  concessions made possible on the basis of temporary 
>of relative unity.  For instance health care has emerged as one of these 
>fields and not because the  workers "need health care." 

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