Waistline2 Obama as a "uniter" is an interesting Marxist approach. 

^^^^^ CB: Marxist as in Workers of all nations and races , unite ! 


Perhaps if all of  us was raised by a white parent and white  grandparents, 
we too would be "uniters." 

^^^^^ CB: Makes sense. It would engender need for unity on a personal level  
for peace of mind. His mother seems to have taught him Black history type  
respect for Black people. He seems to have somewhat consciously constructed a  
Black identity of high integrity. Going to the hood to live, like an  
anthropologist joining his own culture. Now he's an interesting character. 
To  coin a 
phrase, he seems to be in the Presidential world , but not of it. Somehow  he 
comes across as confident in the sense of not worried, in the face of an  
extraordinary mess but not arrogant and not aloof. Engaged with horrific 
but not scared and  not in the bliss of ignorance. I'm like "more power to  ya, 
Barry". So far, so good. 



I tend to prefer a Marxist approach rather than psychological speculation  
and race theory.

CB: The Marxist approach to an individual's personality
would be a psychological approach too.


To conceive Obama personality traits as a call for  "Workers of all  nations 
and races , unite !" is an interesting proposition. 

CB: He said he's a uniter not a divider, Given
he's Black , and of course that is a prominent
feature of the public situation, race unity is
strongly suggested. So, it fits with
workers uniting. In the US racial unity
is an important version of the famous
unity slogan.


Further, I reject  the 
concept that humanity is divided into races.

CB: You are ignoring social and historical actuality.
What do you think the Civil Rights movement was
directed at ? An illusion ?


 I am convince with every fiber  of 
my being that those who cling to race and its usage will inevitably fail to  
approach issues from a class point of view, because a false theory of biology  
cannot be reconciled with a science of class and economic relations.

CB: Race is an invalid biological concept
Unfortunately, it is a real social, political
economic and historical category.
It inflects class.


does not unite back and white people, devoid of any class conception 
of  society. 

CB: When I mention "Workers of the all nations and races
unite " I am referring to his impact on uniting people
in relation to a class conception of society.
That should be obvious.


Pardon, but whites in America are not united amongst themselves because  
class - economic interest, stratification, status and perception of class,  
divides them and have always divided them, along with a morality of "what 
is  right 
and wrong" about our society ills.

CB: Yes, but that doesn't mean White and Black
workers haven't been divided too.


  Barack's personal qualities,  which I most 
certainly have never ignored, which cast him a "uniter," is a class  thing 
also: to unite or maintain the polarizing unity that is the productive  forces 
and social relations of American society. 

CB: Maybe. We'll see what happens.


That is his J.O.B. 

CB:  So, far the effect of his campaign
has not been to do that job.


Obama's personal cool has more in common with Frank Sinatra rather than  
Miles Davis with the latter expressing a contempt and demeanor characteristic 
the black middle class militant profoundly aware of the structural barriers of 
Jim Crow. Personal qualities are important but should not overshadowed 
class;  and in Obama case, his set of polices designed to protect the unity of 
productive forces and social relations. The race to the bottom, has nothing 
to  do with biological race, and will not stopped or be halted by any of 
Obama's  polices. The character of who hits bottom first, from the standpoint 
of the 
color factor, is rooted in slavery and its aftermath. 

CB: You introduced the issue of individual
personality by your idea that he has an
immigrant personality. I'm not trying to override
class with personality. I'm pointing to the
impact of his campaign in contributing to
more unity between races, including
between White, Black and Brown workers, especially.
Reduction of racism in the middle strata enhances
the racial unity of the working class as well.
His mixed racial background logically helps 
him in leading a movement that unites
sections of the social classes. 

As to whether he does what you say,
we shall see. So, far it's not like that
His budget proposals to reverse Reaganism
and pledge to fight its opponents is the
opposite of what you predict. It is
fighting for the working class versus
the rich.


It is interesting to state that Obama went to live in the hood, when most  
Negroes in America were born in the "hood." The point being that this  
"anthropologist joining his own culture," is why the story of the American 
Dream  is 
shaped a certain why in Obama's hands. Me think we both agree and are saying  
the same thing, from different directions in respect to the personality of  
Obama. The stark different in our direction is that I tend to try and write  
specifically from the standpoint of class; class intersection, classes amongst  
whites and blacks and how in this intersection communist fight the daily 
of the proletarian masses. 

CB: No, I'd say I'm writing from the standpoint
of class too, inflected by race, which is 
necessary in discusing class in the US.
The hoos is the working class section
of the Black community. So, O went
to the working class section of the 
Black community when he could have
got rich.  Not too many Columbia grads
become community organizers, especially
in the 1980's.


Class and communism are words generously used in everything I write. 

CB: Me too.


Our J.O.B., regardless to who is President is to fight for the victory of  
the workers, or whatever section of them are in motion, in the current 
in the daily battle for concession and to acquire socially necessary means 
of  life in all their dimensions. All the while we remain true to Marx approach 
to  class. The reason why is to establish an economic communist polarity that 
demands socially necessary means of life as a birth right. 

CB: Well, no not regardless who is President
this time. A quantitative electoral boundary has
been crossed, but yes to the rest of what
you say.  Activate Obama's claim that
change comes from the bottom up. There's somebody
at the top who won't suppress the bottomup 
movement. He's signalling he will be like Lincoln
or FDR for a bottom up movement.

Socially necessary means of life as a birth right. This is the path that is  
easiest to walk. The only way for people without money, or little money, to  
secure these socially necessary means of life is for, the government to give  
such to them. There is simply no other way. If you work and still cannot  pay 
your bills or care for your family, what is one to do? Put on a ski mask and  
hide behind a tree waiting on some other proletarian with the same problems?  
Stick up a bank? 

To the degree that Obama's legislative mandates intersect with this demand  
is the degree to which his concessions and possible reforms are to be welcomed. 
This does not require communists to be torn from our line of march and 
preaching  the gospel of class and economic communism. 

On this basis a huge section of the American proletariat, employed and  
unemployed will gravitate towards our economic and political pole, rather than  
merge directly with a political section of the bourgeoisie. 


^^^^^ CB:  Maybe sort of half, but the other half is pretty American  native. 
I will say that he's sort of like "a brother from another planet". More  like 
an "immigrant" from ancient Egypt or something, somekind of higher  
civilization than America. His mother was an anthropologist, and he lived 
in  Indonesia 
for a while, which might give him some ability to view American  culture 
objectively like an immigrant, but his grandfather was a traveling  salesman 
his grandmother worked in a bank, real regular Americans from  Kansas 

He's _sui generis_, a phenomon, breaking through a new "quantitative  
boundry" in personality type. He's got a lot of character, and, well../\.  
intelligence social intelligence and abstract intelligence. 



OK . . . Obama is: 

1). "sort of like "a brother from another planet". More like an "immigrant"  
from ancient Egypt or something, some kind of higher civilization than 

2).  "consciously constructed a Black identity of high integrity." 

3).  "Going to the hood to live, like an anthropologist joining his  own 

4).  "Now he's an interesting character. To coin a phrase, he seems to  be in 
the Presidential world , but not of it. Somehow he comes across as  confident 
in the sense of not worried, in the face of an extraordinary mess but  not 
arrogant and not aloof." 

I think it is a serious mistake to imply that Obama or anyone else comes  
from a higher civilization.

CB: No it's not a mistake at all. It's a kind of
 imaginative play on your idea of "immigrant"
which is more respectful than the connotation
of "immigrant" in today's context in the US


 We most certainly are saying the same kind of  thing 
in respect to the immigrant quality of the story President Obama  articulates 
as the American Dream. It seems you may have thought I was saying  that Obama 
is not black or African American. Sorry if my writing caused that  kind of 

CB: Yes,  the connotation of immigrant is "foreigner" in
the US, with the unfortunate prejudice against them
that goes with it.  He really does not have a "foreigner"
feel about him , or he never would have gotten in as
President.  He's unique, a personality of a new type,
_sui generis_.  It helped him to bring out the best
in Americans, such as it is. But anyway, enough celebration of
that, 'cause the crises are seeming very daunting
and he has an incredibly difficult "job" ahead of 
him that his personality won't do for him the
way it could win the election. He may have brought out the
best in Americans, but it's not clear that the
best in Americans is up to the current crisis.


In a few words, Obama articulates the immigrant quality of the American  
Dream and adopts the historical character of the "carpet bagger," the "do  
gooder," to work amongst the natives, so to speak. This is not a bad thing, 
but  part 
of the logic of American history and society. There will always be  carpet 
baggers, of whom I am one. I did my "southern tour" of duty as a Tanned  Yankee 
or the infamous Northern Negro. ;-) 

CB: I would n't say he _articulates_ the immigrant quality.
More that he has some of the objectivity in consciousness of some
outsider /immigrant _and_ the consciousness a insider/native;
and then he's got both White and Black insider/native consciousness.
He _articulates_ the latter double , native consciousness which is
our potential "higher civilization".
That would be my take. Now we'll see if this consciousness can
find a way to deal with the current crises.


Still, the world in which Obama as President resides, that he is not only  
"of" but manifest, is rent with class contradiction and emerging antagonism. 
brother from another planet" . . .  me think this statement is profoundly  

CB: A planet with beings of higher intelligence, but
it's not sure if it's high enough.


Obama: the brother from another planet. 

Our brother from another planet  . . . (wow!!!) . . . . is proposing a  set 
of legislative mandates aimed at reforming the capitalist system, which  cannot 
be reformed. What can be reformed is the institutional relations within  and 
between classes

CB: A key one still being to abate
racial difference between races.


.  Where aspects of his mandate intersect with the needs  of 
our class is where we push for implementation of such programs. Not out of a  
sense of loyalty to Obama but as a function of our ideology and love of our  

CB: Yes.   Obama's character is
interesting because of its success
so far in advancing the working class's
best interests, and projecting from that
potential for him to advance them further.
That goes without saying. The class must
have political leaders. He so far has
demonstrated  good leadership  qualities
Think of Lincoln, Lenin, FDR, Castro.
Of course, he's not there yet, but
he keeps on moving in the correct
direction, surprisingly. Who ever would
have thought it would get this far
a couple of years ago. 


I was certainly impressed with the honor President Obama bestowed upon  
Stevie Wonder and always feel pride when our country and its institutions 
acknowledge all of our history. Most people in America have had enough of  
pretense and the stupidity that accompanies all theories and doctrines of 
amongst humanity. Obama did in fact help sections of America cross the Stevie  
Wonder boundary, which a huge cross section of America crossed decades ago. 

CB: He is quoted as saying he wants
'to make the White House "The People's House"
Stevie is a Balladeer for Americans, and
his honor is a good step toward making it
"The People's House."


Still the tiny issue of class remains and will continue to express itself  no 
matter how much and who ignores class. 

CB: All of Obama's rhetoric is pro-working class
expressing empathy for the class, but using
'the terms that are acceptable "middle class" means
working class in US terminology. He is constantly
mentioning people who have suffered economic
trauma, using examples. He was a
community organizer. Today it's hard to express
allegience to the working class more than that
today. All of his signals are very biased toward
everyday people. the folk.


There are certain inherent danger and opportunities involved in all  
struggles of our fight for what is decent, honorable and "just plain right 
to  do," 
and the greatest danger is being subsumed by bourgeois politics and notions  
that deny the class logic and structure of American society. 

Me think it is not dogmatic to speak of class, classes, and the capitalist  
class on a listserv that bills itself as Marxist. 


CB: No. I talk about class all the time.
The dogma was in the reference to
his being the CEO of the capitalist class.
as if he can't advance the working class's
interests because he is in that office
So, were Lincoln and FDR, somehow
that did significantly for the working class.
  O may not
'make it, but he gives lots of indication
that he will do everything he can to
be the Leader of , by and for the People
"The People" being the traditional 
American way of referring to the working
masses. He may fail, but he seems
like he will give a better shot at it
than anything I imagined would come
along in this period.

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