Yes, Marxism List. 
The initial article grew out of a discussion of GM - genetically modified  
commodities, although the issue was framed as genetically altered food in Cuba. 
I remember basically having the same discussion on Marxism the better part  
of 10 years ago and wanted to avoid the pitfalls and this determined the  
extremely obscure form, which basically could only be unlocked - decoded, by  
someone familiar with the concepts and symbolism. The first imprint is really  
and written upside down with sentences deliberately put in the wrong order.  
Plus, you know that much of Marxism can be fairly hostile to my particular  
history and political orientation. I am extremely careful about what I write  
there, and try to leave no room for disagreement over political orientation and 
political ideology; and generally discuss nothing historical including 
American  history. 
I do not mind being "baited" on this list since I can more than adequately  
explain my reasoning of issues of tension. :-) 
Actually, the piece is not obscure at all if you are really rooted in  
America's evolving culture or know how to locate the "key" - Rosetta stone. 
I suspected you would get having studied anthropology and the nature of  
symbols. Plus I wanted to preserve two copies in archives. 
I might do the three level which answers the question about what happens  
when someone loses their mind: "where does the mind go when it is lost?" 

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Marxism/T list 3/02/09 index. Decoded. 2nd level.   


Wow !!! That's what I call real proletarian poetry.
A  definite chapter in the new Ballad for Americans.
You go bro , the workers'  T.S. Eliot

John Henry

Did you send it to the other lists ?
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