Intersection of class interests explains 
Obama.  It's one reason he can't be trusted, and 
another that he could be an engine of significant 
reform if pushed hard enough from a mass social democratic movement.

At 11:30 AM 3/6/2009, wrote:
>"Every voice has to be heard. Every idea must be 
>considered ... The status  quo is the one option 
>that is not on the table," Obama said during the 
>White  House forum on what he calls the greatest 
>threat to the U.S. economy —” rising  health 
>care costs. Mindful of the demise of the Clinton 
>plan, Obama warned,  "Those who seek to block 
>any reform at all, any reform at any cost, will 
>not  prevail this time around." The U.S. system 
>is the world's costliest; the country spends 
>some $2.4  trillion a year on health care. It 
>leaves an estimated 48 million 
>people  uninsured, and many others lack adequate 
>insurance." As Chief Operating Executive for the 
>capitalist, President Obama is  extremely 
>astute, skilled in the art of politics and the 
>art of the  possible. Watching his presentation 
>on television and his skillful handling 
>of  diverse interest should serve as a training 
>manual for Marxist, who seek to make  sense of 
>today's new and crisis. Obama's attempt - 
>concerted push, to reform the  health care 
>system - today, is the result of crisis of the 
>system and a specific  alignment, intersection 
>of class interest. All of the interest of 
>intersecting  classes and class fragments and 
>their expression in political lobbies, 
>were  present at his "health care summit."  The 
>only interest absence was that of a coherent 
>communist political  polarity, in society and 
>the Health Care Summit. In America, at this time 
>there  is not a communist political lobby, 
>although there is forming a rather 
>large  communist contingent of American society. 
>Those who need and desire health care  coverage, 
>but have no money to pay for such are an 
>objective communists  contingent. This communist 
>contingent - an objective material configuration 
>in  the population, cuts across rigid concepts 
>of class as a fixed economic  category. Class 
>intersection of interest and how the communist 
>fight to articulate  the voice of the 
>proletariat, from the lens of the poorest 
>workers and how their  interest intersect with 
>various layers of the working class and 
>other  strata, is the political framework by 
>which communist operate and prevents us  from 
>being co opted by the bourgeoisie.   WL.

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