This penning away about how much Obama is doing for the working class for  
extending unemployment benefits is blind to all those workers who cannot 
such benefits. Further, we have many precedents in the past concerning 
extension  of unemployment benefits, even under the Bush W. regime. In fact in 
1970's  under the old Trade Readjustment Act of 1974 (or was it 1976) laid off 
and  displaced workers were bagging 10 - 20K and today, a few hundred bucks a 
week is  pathetic and unworthy of praise. 

CB: It's not the only Obama
action in favor of the working class. 
Because some can't receive benefits
doesn't mean it's not worth noting
those who do benefit. Your expression
here is  devisive and
sectarian. The idea is to promote
solidarity among people, not encourage
one group begrudge benefits to another
segment. And the amounts are small,
but $100 more a month can pay a monthly 
minimum health insurance or car
insurance bill for six to ten months.
six to 9 months of extended benefits
amounts to thousans of dollars.
A real champion of the poorest
sectors of the working class
wouldn't sneeze at these amounts
of money.

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