I am currently working on several projects at the same time dealing with  
class in American society and the vision of communists (Marxists). Hopefully by 
the end of the year a series of Workers pamphlets will take shape. 
Here is an example: 
Class, Class Struggle and Class Outlook 
For most of my life it has been a “no-no” to speak of class because  
economic classes in America, while fixed and permanent did not stop the  
and millions of people from working hard, acquiring education or  getting lucky 
in the lottery and moving from one economic class to another.  Economic class 
was something in England or the Middle Ages where you had a  Nobility, King, 
Queen and serfs - peasant masses. 
Last year something good happened during the primary and run-up to the  
Presidential election. Something that changed the way we talk about class  in 
country.  The outpouring of support for the Obama candidacy forced a  different 
kind of discussion into our national dialogue. A new class of people  entered 
into American politics last year; a class of young people who felt the  older 
generation spends to much time talking about old concepts of race, rather  
than the quality of ones character and economic program. Young people were the  
driving force that forced a different kind of dialogue on the national agenda. 
American politics is a healthier “body politic” thanks to our younger  
To make sense of the election national media had to talk about class,  
economic categories of people, class interests, class feelings and frustration  
voting habits. At first media spokesperson’s talked about “hard working  
people’ meaning white members of our working class but this was quickly seen to 
be offensive because there are all shades of color amongst the working people 
of  America. Finally, to make sense of things most media spokespersons settled 
on  talking about the" working class voters" and that section of white working 
class  voters that had traditionally voted Republican. 
Class became popular to speak of as a way to describe economic categories  of 
within American society. Class became a popular way for us to make sense to  
each other. Most people who followed the election from primary to Nov. 4,  
witnessed a strange alignment of various classes from the most wealthy to the  
poorest, supporting the Obama candidacy. This common identity of classes  
striving in support of Obama or class intersection became the means by which  
defeated John McCain.  One section of our working class voted for  Senator 
John McCain and a larger section voted for Senator Obama. 
All sections of the working class, be they pro-Senator McCain or pro-Barack  
Obama are angry and scared. The financial and economic crisis is causing fear 
of  what tomorrow might bring and polarizing the working class.  The wealthier 
 classes in our society are economically stable and secure in their living 
while  the great American middle class is being destroyed layer after layer.  
All  classes are being polarized into “for” or “against” government programs 
to stop  or slow down the collapse of the economy. Why is this destruction 
taking place?  What is happening in America to the working class? 
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