Non-profit Charity Promotes Altruism as Key to Man's 
Evolution and Well-Being
ST. LOUIS, March 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The 
Anthropedia Foundation has teamed with the National
 Science Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundation for 
Anthropological Research, and Washington University 
Center for the Study of Ethics and Human Values to present 
the conference "Man The Hunted: Sociality, Altruism, and 
Well-Being." Spanning Thursday, March 12 to Saturday,
 March 14, "Man The Hunted" includes panels and presentations 
by leaders in anthropology, psychiatry, ethnography, philosophy,
 education, biology, and healthcare. The conference highlights
 man's historical role as prey rather than predator, and human 
reliance on cooperation, altruism, and sociality for survival and
 healthy development. The conference will tackle many related 
questions: How is the negative paradigm of man as predator 
reflected in current research and institutions? What are the 
scientific and societal implications of the positive paradigm that
 man is altruistic? How can we translate theory into practice 
and have an impact on the community?
The event is co-chaired by Robert Sussman, Ph.D., Professor 
of Anthropology at Washington University, and Robert Cloninger, 
M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Genetics, Director of the 
Center for the Psychobiology of Personality, and the Center for 
Well-Being at Washington University. Dr. Cloninger is also the
 Director for the Anthropedia Institute, the research body of the
 Anthropedia Foundation. 
Dr. Cloninger will co-present "Neurobiology of Human Temperament 
and Character" with Dr. Sita Kedia, Vice-President of the Anthropedia 
Foundation. Dr. Kedia received her M.D. from the University of Colorado.
 Dr. Cloninger will also deliver another presentation, "The Direction 
of Evolution: Growth toward Self-awareness, Altruism, & Well-Being." 
Addressing a bio-psycho-social approach to health promotion, Dr. 
Helen Herrman and Dr. Lauren Munsch will present "Promotion of 
Well-Being in Healthcare." Dr. Herrman is Director of the World 
Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Mental Health and 
Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne. Dr. Munsch
 earned her M.D. from St. Louis University and is founder, Chairman 
and CEO of the Anthropedia Foundation. 
Former President of the World Psychiatric Association, Dr. Juan Mezzich 
will introduce Friday's second session, "Human Altruism and Cooperation:
 Needs and the Promotion of Well-Being in Modern Life." Dr. Mezzich 
is Professor of Psychiatry and Director at the Division of Psychiatric 
Epidemiology and International Center for Mental Health at the Mount 
Sinai School of Medicine. The president of the Anthropedia Foundation,
 Dr. Kevin Cloninger, will present "Hope Rekindled: Well-Being, Humanism, and 
Education." Dr. Cloninger received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at 
University of Denver. 
Dr. Dan German Blazer, II will speak on "Moving Beyond the Nature/Nurture
 Distinction: Promotion of Transdisciplinary Research." A Geriatric Psychiatry 
expert, Dr. Blazer is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and 
Community and Family Medicine at Duke University. The conference 
ends by discussing current assumptions of man as predator, and the 
positive effects of re-examining man's development. Members of the 
Anthropedia Institute will discuss implications for education, healthcare, and 
quality of life. 
About Anthropedia 
As the rates of lifestyle and stress-related illness, depression, and 
anxiety rapidly increase, the Anthropedia Foundation recognizes the
 need for concrete strategies for improving mental, physical, and social 
health. Anthropedia is an educational foundation led by a council of 
experts in medicine, public health, psychiatry, and education who 
integrate the most effective practices from their fields into a comprehensive
 approach to health and happiness. 
Anthropedia creates personal development resources and health 
education programs that are simple, practical, and powerful. To learn
 more about Anthropedia, please visit
SOURCE Anthropedia Foundation

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