>>CB:If I was Obama , I'd say to the Taliban "look bros, obviously, you  are
some bad motherfuckers  because even Alexander couldn't conquer y'all,  or was
it that Alexander was the only one who conquered y'all.<<

For a second there, I thought you were talking to some rap stars.

This is another myth about 'Afghanistan'. The place has been overrun
and conquered numerous times by various cultural groups--Persians,
Indo-Persians, Turks, Mongols, etc. etc., and was itself a center of
power for asserting control over what are now Pakistan and N. India.

What isn't possible is controlling S. Pakistan without the Pashtun
doing it (interestingly one of the myths the Pashtun hold about
themselves is that they are a lost tribe of Israel that found Islam
but whose leaders descend from Alexander's generals). It's about the
same as the post-British Empire Muslim Indians trying to control the
so-called 'frontiers' of Pakistan without the cooperation of Pashtun
and Baluchis, except in the case of Afghanistan the Pashtun form the
single largest minority. However, these areas of Pakistan are only
'frontier' in the sense of them being adjacent the borders.
Historically speaking they are the center of political control in
Afghanistan and what is now Pakistan.

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