Since 2007 India and the European Union have been engaged in 
negotiations on Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The agreement is being 
termed as one that would improve market access for goods and services, 
substantially increasing the bilateral trade between the two entities. 
As per the statement of the European parliament the bilateral trade is 
expected to exceed €70.7 billion by 2010 and €160.6 billion by 2015. The 
FTA would increase EU exports to India by $17-18 billion while India’s 
export would increase by around $5 billion.

The FTA after it comes into effect would be substantially different from 
the other FTAs that have been signed till date. The agreement being 
termed as a new generation FTA that will cover many more areas other 
than commodity trade like trade in services, investment, intellectual 
property rights, competition policy, government procurement to name a few.
The proposed FTA is going to have a far reaching consequence for both 
the Indian state as well as for the lives and livelihood of Indian 
masses. In this context it becomes imperative to understand the various 
provisions being negotiated in the agreement that are going to directly 
impact an extremely large segment of the population.

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