Pace J , I actually feel that a standard of "politically correctness"
is a necessary concept to cut through the galaxy sized bs that is
created in bourgeois pluralism, and get anything accomplished.
However, my meaning of politically c...orrect is not to forbear at all
from honest political assertion and criticism-self-criticism, though
it doesn't mean disdaining a very high level of courtesy in said
criticism. Respect for the person may be in the courteous form of
presentation. We can be honest without being blunt; but we must be
honest.See More
about an hour ago ยท LikeUnlike
Charles Brown That is to say, it has been the mainstream shattering
crowd who narrowed the meaning of "politically correct" to
paternalistic tolerance. It used to mean clearheaded, radical
criticism of the status quo for some of us. It meant intolerance of
bourgeois propaganda, including intolerance of white supremacy. It's
from the latter aspect that the mainstream shatterers developed a
caricature in the form of the paternalistic, phony tolerance that the
article and James criticize.

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