The role of the
> existential sensibility in one's overall world view and trajectory is
> vital to understand, as well as the appropriation of the
> metaphysical/epistemological baggage to support one's projects.
> The modern period, which of course witnesses the scientific revolution,
> the Enlightenment, the rebellion against feudal authority, clericalism,
> and metaphysics, and the emergence of the bourgeoisie, also sees the
> emergence of the individual as a self-conscious entity.

CB: Not surprising.  "The" individual gets "irritated" or alienated out by
capitalist  estrangement .( See Marx's "Economic and Philosophic
Manuscripts of 1844" on this alienation or estrangement process)

Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. Karl Marx
Estranged Labour

In estranging from man (1) nature, and (2) himself, his own active
functions, his life activity, estranged labor estranges the species
from man. It changes for him the life of the species into a means of
individual life. First it estranges the life of the species and
individual life, and secondly it makes individual life in its abstract
form the purpose of the life of the species, likewise in its abstract
and estranged form

CB: Estrangement produces the modern self-interested individual type
among masses, not just in the ruling class, the bourgeoisie. Thus, in
trying to raise working class class consciousness, Marxism has relied,
paradoxically ,  majorly on appeal to material self-interest of
individuals as a _class_ .  It is difficult to avoid this riddle given
the generalization of pursuit of self-interest among the masses of
workers by the estrangement process.  The mythical American "right" of
pursuit of happiness reflects this.  Economics' rational man reflects

I think this issue underlies a lot of what Ted Winslow on LBO-Talk
essays constantly.  The rational or selfish or self-interested
individual who is only in elite classes down through other modes of
production  in history becomes general among masses , among the
wretched of the earth, with capitalist estrangement. In a sense, it
makes masses of workers petit bourgeois in their ideology. This is in
the sense that the bourgeoisie ,of course, have an unabashed ideology
of selfishness, material self interestedness, personal and individual
greed. Justification , rationalization of rich people's greed is the
first cause of the purveyance and mass supply of  various abstract
Individualisms  or "individual primacy" or "individual determinist"
theories etc among the intelligentsia (organic intellectuals)  of
bourgeois society ( Existentialism, Libertarianism, Reaganism, Tea
Partying, positivism, economic rational man, Economic Robinsinades,
Christian infinite individual Soul, Monotheism, Freudianism, Hollywood
personality cults,  (Individual) Survival television shows,  etc.).
The mass demand for these forms of consciousness, the mass consumption
is generated by the Estranged Labour process

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