There is a general rule about the way society treats criminals: place  
responsibility for antisocial acts on the individual, thus absolving society  
from blame. 
The mismatch between society's attitude toward heroes and criminals rests  
in society's claim of credit on heroes and rejection of responsibility for  
criminals. A criminal is one who has betrayed societal values by violating a 
 prescribed code of conduct, who is deranged but not legally insane, a 
deviant,  an anomaly, a manifestation of social disease, a virus against the 
system, a  unit malfunction and a personal malfeasance. 
Adolf Hitler was labeled a madman to protect German culture and fascism,  
notwithstanding the curious fact that Hitler rose to power in Germany in a  
discernible sociocultural context. Even organized warfare must be conducted  
within the limits of regulated behavior. War crimes and crimes against 
humanity  are not tolerated. 
Yet market fundamentalism argues for wholesale deregulation to allow  
economic crimes against humanity. Charles Ponzi was deemed an unprincipled  
conman to insulate unregulated capitalism itself from being revealed as a  
systemic Ponzi scheme. 
"Capitalism's bad apples: It's the barrel that's rotten;" By Henry C K Liu. 
 This article appeared in AToL on August 1, 2002. 
The politics of insanity: quickie notes. 
Twenty people were shot, and six of them died, in Tucson, Ariz., on Jan. 8, 
 during the attempted assassination of the Democratic Congresswoman. 
The shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, was captured on the spot and  
reported to be a psychiatrically disabled person with a recent history of  
fascination with right-wing rhetoric and abstract thinking posing such 
questions  as: "if words have no meaning what is government?" 
The answer is simple: an executive committee for the ruling class. This in  
turn raises the question of the role of the state as an organization of  
In politics the answer to a political question is by definition partisan,  
involving class outlook and ideology. Lougher's question is political. He is 
no  "lone gunman expressing an aberration in American society," but an 
individual  that choose a division of labor casting him as assassin of a 
political  representative rather than unarmed Mexican immigrants, seeking 
relief  in America. 
Lougher was very political with his ideas and ideology being shaped in a  
discernible sociocultural context. Whether Lougher is diagnosed as being "a  
psychiatrically disabled person," - whatever that means according to whom, 
has  not prevented pundits and layperson from contextualizing his actions 
against a  backdrop of economic and political crisis. 
And political and ideological outlook. 
Everyone speaks of Lougher in the context of Arizona, meaning Arizona  
expresses and represents something discernable in the national body politic  
rather than geographic location. Arizona is Senator John McCain and his  
presidential bid under the banner of "Country (White people) First," and focal  
point of the fascist anti-immigration movement. Every politically aware person 
 in America understands this. What is not understood is the class sociology 
of a  Lougher and the role he cast in political history. 
Arizona is in the forefront of the fascist anti-immigration movement. 
The anti-immigration movement is at the center stage of a political  
environment shaped by the impact of qualitatively new means of production; the  
transformation of the state; the militarization of the economy and society; 
the  rapid and accelerating implementation of the legal means to suppress 
individual  dissent and seize control of the government; and the changing 
character of the  social struggle. 
Where in the past the religious right sought to organize and propagandize  
in a period when "globalization" had still not widely affected American 
society,  the anti-immigration movement propagandizes an American people 
devastated by the  effects of advanced "globalization," increasingly 
economically and  politically, and bewildered by the world in which they now 
live. The medium of  anti-immigration has become the means by which a 
section of the American people  is being organized and mobilized as a social 
to support the further  transformation of the government and society 
necessary to facilitate the  penetration of today's form of global capital in 
world's societies, and to  prepare for and contain its inevitable effects. 
Lougher was not immune to real time politics and ideological  assault by 
fascists upon the national body politic. 
"If words have no meaning what is government?" strikes me as a  
"constitutionalist argument," harkening back to the passionate pleas of  the 
Oligarchy demanding their constitutionally protect rights of  slavery.  
"If words have no meaning what is government?" 
Let's change this a bit.  
"If words (of the American Constitution) have no meaning what is the modern 
Answer: fascist. 
The things that is frightening about the American fascist movement is its  
ability to advance under a "left" and "right" banner of defending the  
American Constitution, while opposing from the "right" what is called "the  
Second American Constitution" or the amendments adopted after and as the result 
of the Civil War. 
Lougher's "reading list" has been publicized and it contains many of the  
usual suspects: "Animal Farm," "My Life" by Adolph Hitler and the "Communist  
Manifesto." Obviously, Lougher did not understand what he read in the 
Communist  Manifesto or had any serious dealing with a communist collective 
dedicated to  the education, propaganda and creating class consciousness within 
the fighting  section of the proletariat. 
If Lougher's words have no meaning what was his actions? 
Lougher is political. 


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