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 Dear Friends,

I've been trying for the last 25 years to built a grassroots movement in the 
Dominican Republic financed by my own resources as a salary worker.  I've moved 
around the entire island to verify how this system reproduces misery...Today, 
above a beyond all resources invested in both countries, we still have 350, 000 
children working as adults, 2 millions go to bed every night without eating, 
hundreds can be seen on cities conners asking for something to eat, 50% live 
under extreme poverty, and those who have a job make 6 dollars a day, only in 
the dominican side of the island.  For capital, we do not exist as human beings!

So, today, from my view point, there is a need to open a political office to 
continue our struggle against these conditions, creating a kind of base for a 
new revolutionary and internationalist project based on the struggles being 
waged by the communities all around both nations.  Only creating a proletarian 
movement capable to abolish the borderline to create an ecological park through 
which humans could transit with any problem, where people could cultivate the 
land communly and create a communal regime to substitute private property could 
real peace come to effect.  In other words, only the international working 
class has the potential to create a new society for both sides: Quisqueya 
Commune.  This project has no connection with any "communist" current so we 
don't want any contribution from those structures.  Now, if any militant from 
those structures think him/her want to be part of this tentative, they are 

That's the reason I'm pushing for the creation of Silvia Pankhurst's  
International Center, as our first organ for world revolution.  You can 
contribute to make this a reality by making a 5 dollars deposit or any other 
amount within your possibilities.  You can make a deposit in an account open 
for such a porpuse: 601-5553-791-325-531.  Scotiabank.  As your request, you'll 
be kept inform of the political activities of the project.  Also, if you think 
you could come to the island and present a workshop to build on people's 
educational backgroud and prestige of the project, that'll be great!  Thank you 
in advance for your cooperation.

yours respectfuly,

Juan De la Cruz

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