Twenty Thousand March in Tel-Aviv Against Mccarthyism,
Racism and Fascism

Communist Party of Israel
January 15, 2011

Twenty thousands of activists, Jews and Arabs, from
left-wing movements, parties and human rights
organizations march in Tel Aviv on Saturday (January
15, 2001) in protest of the Knesset's decision to set
up a committee of inquiry to probe the funding sources
of human rights movements.

The protest march, under the headline "Demonstration
(since it's still possible) for democracy", left from
Tel Aviv's Meir Park, in front of the Likud
headquarters, toward the plaza in front of the Tel Aviv
Museum of Art, where a rally take place in which
Knesset members from Hadash, Kadima and Meretz as well
as officials from Peace Now and human rights groups
deliver speeches.

Protesters chanted in support of democracy and free
speech and against racism and fascism, and carried
hundreds of red flags and signs with slogans such as
"Jews and Arabs together against Fascism", "Awaiting
Democracy", "Danger - End of Democracy Ahead!",
"Fighting the Rightist Government of Darkness" and
"Democracy is Screaming for Help".  Among the MKs
taking part in the event were Dov Khenin (Hadash), Afo
Agbarie (Hadash), Meir Sheetrit (Kadima), Hanna Swaid
(Hadash), Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) and Mohammad Barakeh
(the Chairman of Hadash, the Democratic Front for Peace
and Equality - Communist Party of Israel).

MK Horowitz inveighed against Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, whom he said
were "supporting Lieberman's incitement and encouraging
racist legislation in the Knesset".  "Tonight we are
telling the Labor Party that it is a full partner of
the most racist government in state history, and that
they must leave it immediately," he said.

Peace Now Secretary-General Yariv Oppenheimer said at
the rally that Israel was suffering not only from the
Iranian threat but also from the "Liebermanian threat".

Hadash Chairman Barakeh said, "We are at a dangerous
crossroads where democracy is concerned. Democracy is
collapsing, not because of Lieberman but because of the
support he is receiving from the prime minister. Jews
and Arabs who care about democracy cannot fail at this
time. Anyone who wishes to know the power of the people
can look to Tunisia". In the same vein he added, "The
victory of the people in Tunis over cruel dictatorship
teaches us that oppression is not the fate of mankind
and the people can win."

MK Sheetrit denounced Foreign Minster Avigdor
Lieberman's proposal to probe the funding sources of
human rights organizations.

"If such legislation is passed, it will be like taking
a brick out of the wall of democracy. I am surprised
that Likud members support this. It's simply shameful
that they can sit in a government that makes such a
proposal," he said.

MK Khenin said during the protest that "the thousands
of people who are here understand that our democracy
needs protection against its destroyers. We are voicing
a clear voice in support of human rights and democracy,
and against racism, fascism, McCarthyism and future
destruction of the democratic values. We will continue
to fight for democratic rights, freedom of speech,
equal rights for Jews and Arabs and the end of the

List of participating organizations in the Emergency

Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) //
Communist Party of Israel // ACRI (Association For
Civil Rights in Israel // Meretz // New Israel Fund //
Peace Now // The Kibbutz Movement // The Progressive
Movement // The Green Movement // Physicians for Human
Rights // The Geneva Initiative // Ha'Shomer Ha'tzair
// Yisrael Hofshit (Free Israel) // Coalition of Women
for Peace // Public Committee Against Torture // Yesh
Gvul // Shutafut/Sharakah - Organizations for a Shared,
Democratic and Egalitarian Society: Agenda, The Abraham
Fund, Negev Institute - NISPED, Sikkuy, Kav Mashve,
Keshev, Shatil //  Gush Shalom  // Yesh Din //
Almuntada Altakadumi - The Progressive Circle in Ar'ara
// Negev Coexistence Forum // Peace NGO's  Forum //
Amnesty International Israel // Banki-Shabiba - Young
Communist League // Hagada Hasmalit Alternative
Cultural Center in Tel-Aviv // Tandi - Democratic
Women's Movement //  Parents Circle - Families Forum //
Social Workers for Peace and Social Welfare // Arab
Movement for Renewal // Mossawa Centre - the Advocacy
Center for Arab Citizens in Israel // Adalah - the
Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel // Yesh
Din - Volunteers for Human Rights //  Machsom Watch //
Tarabut-Hithabrut // Rabbis for Human Rights // Ir Amim
// Maan - Workers' Advice Center // Daam - Workers
Party // Syndianna Galilee for Fair Trade //  Israeli
Children // Campus Le'Kulanu - Left Students Movement,
the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Haifa University
// ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum
Seekers in Israel // ICAHD - The Israeli Committee
against House Demolitions // Social TV // Socialist
Struggle // Labor Party Young Guard // HAMOKED - Center
for the Defense of the Individual // BINA - Center for
Jewish Identity, Hebrew Culture and Social Justice //
AIC - Alternative Information Center // Our Heritage -
The Charter for Democracy //

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