the larger human community is predicated upon the pre-existence of individuals.

With due respect, this is the crux. Social determinists r saying that
the community is not predicated on pre-existing , independent,
isolated individuals, or “selves”. Rather the opposite: Society
preexists the individuals. There have never been a bunch of
preexisting individual persons who then got together and made the
group. Robinson Crusoe is a myth so to speak.

Even more an individual ideas are all rooted in their culture. Take
remarkably unique individuals like Mozart , Newton or any genius.
Their ideas are developments of socially generated topics. Newton
understood this and said he stood on the shoulders of giants, most of
them dead when he lived, by the way. This is a key point. Human
Society includes dead generations. Maybe this makes it clearer how
society preexists individuals.

Ironically, the word itself gives the message. Individuals are not
divisiable, or can’t be divided out from society.

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