, Eubulides wrote:

> [Mereological mayhem for methodological individualism]

CB: Yes indeed

US lawyers in establishing the legal fiction of the personhood of the
corporation or the Personhood of Capital make a nice representation of
the deep bourgeois ideological mythical concept of Individual
Determinism.  Capital in the form of Capital enterprises is  a
profoundly determining _social_ institution
in capitalism, natch.  By making Capital, which is obviously a social
institution,  into fictional individuals or persons, the
"story", i.e. Lie, of Individual determinism is made internally consistent.


from another discussion of methodological individualism :

 c b wrote:
>> “In community, the individual is, crucial as the prior condition for
>> forming a community. … Every individual in the community guarantees
>> the community; the public is a chimera, numerality is everything…”
>> – Søren Kierkegaard, Journals
>> ^^^^
>> Pace Kierkegaard, of course , for we social determinists , this is
>> absolutely backward, fundamentally wrong. The social, the communal,
>> the community is prior to individuals. Kierkegaard's statement is a
>> basic maxim of bourgeois ideology, whether as existentialism,
>> libertarianism, Social Darwinism, positivism, Reaganism, Tea Partying, 
>> personal responsibility of the poor for their poverty,  psychologism and 
>> phenomenology in social science,   Margaret Thatcher's "there is no such 
>> thing as society", Robinsonades,  rational/reasonable man in law and 
>> economics,
 et al. (Personhood of the Corporation).   In all , "the" individual
is primary over, "prior to" and determinative of
the social. Society is a collection of sovereign individuals,   It is
an error in the understanding of the levels of
 organization of reality, and specifically of human life.  Human
 culture, society and history constitute an emergent level of reality,
 in which the whole is more than the some of its parts, and is
 determinative of the parts. It is a philosophical error concerning the
 relationship of the whole and the parts. "The" human individual is a
 social individual. Even Kierkegaard was; he just didn't know it. So,
 is the most radical libertarian; they just don't know it. Our species
 name should be, not homo sapiens, but homo communis. Our high level
of sociality is the differentia specifica of our species.

But no-one lives in a vacuum.

CB: Hello ! Exactly. No _individual_, no ONE, lives in a social
vaccum. No one is an isolated individual. This is the fundamental
bourgeols ideological trick, foolishness. It is rife among the
intelligencia of bourgeois society.

> http://www.propublica.org/blog/item/as-citizens-united-turns-1-u.s.-supreme-court-considers-corporate-personhoo
> As Citizens United Turns 1, U.S. Supreme Court Considers Corporate
> Personhood Again
> by Marian Wang
> ProPublica, Jan. 19, 2011, 1:37 p.m.

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