Here we are, in 2011—and although 2004 seems like a different world
from today, separated by more events than we can make sense of, the
left still hasn’t come around to answering that big Kansas mystery
about Americans’ farcical voting habits. So the left was left baffled
once again when, in 2009, millions of Americans volunteered as
foot-soldiers to fight for a second-rate TV personality named Rick
Santelli and his rich speculator friends at the Chicago Exchange, who
called for a revolution to protect their money from “losers” because
Santelli and his speculator buddies didn’t want to “subsidize losers’
mortgages.” Next thing you know, these same losers took to the streets
to defend the semi-celebrity Santelli, his rich speculator pals, and
the Koch brothers from… losers.

That is, they revolted against themselves.

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