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A Call to the People and Governments of the Free World

We call upon all of you to support the Egyptian people's demands for a
good life, liberty and an end of despotism. We call upon you to urge
this dictatorial regime to stop its bloodshed of the Egyptian people,
exercised throughout the Egyptian cities, on top of which comes the
city of Suez. We believe that the material and moral support offered
to the Egyptian regime, by the American government and European
governments, has helped to suppress the Egyptian people.

We hereby call upon the people of the free world to support the
Egyptian people's non-violent revolution against corruption and
tyranny. We also call upon civil society organisations in America,
Europe and the whole world to express their solidarity with Egypt,
through holding public demonstrations, particularly on People's Anger
Day (28/01/2011), and by denouncing the use of violence against the

We hope that you will all support our demands for freedom, justice and
peaceful change.

Egyptian National Coalition
محمد فتحي كلفت
Mahammad Fathy Kalfat
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