Carrol Cox
Homo sapiens evolved as groups, not as individuals "thinking for
themselves." All evidence about reading & writing is grounded in what
an isolated individual can produce. And of course, reading and writing
had no part in our evolution. There is no hard (or for that matter
soft) evidence that both reading and writing are not 'freakish' skills
of individuals, which cut across the more 'natural' operations of
human intelligence, namely thinking aloud in a group -- and a group,
moreover defined by common purposes, purposes which involve
spontaneous recognition that the individual cannot think by or for
him/herself or set his/her individual needs.

That is speculation, but it makes as much sense as all this nonsense
about how sad it is that so many (possibly, possibly not) isolated
individuals can "read" or want to read.

CB: Hear, hear !  , Carrol. And even reading and writing is highly
social even when done in isolation by an individual.  The great
individual genius in an area of reading and writing , Newton, said
this well when he said he stood on the shoulders of giants.
Bourgeois thought is completely saturated with the Delusion of "The"
Individual's Grandeur and Robinsonades.

The "group" s u refer to above always include past, dead generations
of said groups, thereby expanding the sociality of all individuals


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