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by Angela Davis

I join with the many students, faculty, labor leaders and elected 
 officials who call upon Brooklyn College President Karen Gould 
 to restore the Graduate Center for Worker Education to its full 
 academic glory as a leading graduate program for New York's working 
 class. The GCWE developed generations of labor, legal, academic and 
 political leaders and activists for over 30 years. 
 The recent tragic destruction of the Graduate Center for Worker 
 Education and the wholesale purging of progressive faculty, staff and 
 graduate students is an unconscionable assault on an invaluable urban 
 working class institution. Brooklyn College also ended its support for 
 the Center's esteemed peer review journal "Working USA". Reminiscent 
 of the McCarthy era, under the pretext of administratively prosecuting 
 Professor Joseph Wilson, and tellingly, without any substantiated 
 legal or administrative findings, Brooklyn College used the attack as 
 a cover to dismantle the Worker Education program. 
 The long list of distinguished scholars associated with the Graduate 
 Center for Worker Education makes this attack even more outrageous. 
 Prolific public intellectuals including historian Gerald Horne, legal 
 scholar Genna Rae McNeil, labor scholar and activist Bill Fletcher, 
 award winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson, journalist Juan Gonzalez, and 
 Immanuel Ness, pathbreaking editor of the International Encyclopedia of 
 Protest and Revolution, are part of the extraordinary radical worker 
 education legacy CUNY and Brooklyn College seeks to sully and erase. 

I recall with great pride my participation, a few years ago, in the 
 hallmark Worker Education conference "Black Woman and the Radical 
 Tradition" . The conference attracted scholars from around the U.S., 
 Europe and Africa. We need to insure that the Graduate Center and the 
 rich intellectual activism giving rise to this tradition is defended 
 and restored. 

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