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On April 11 the journalist and historian Patrick Seale passed away at the
> age of 83, succumbing to brain cancer. His first book, *The Struggle for
> Syria*, remains the classic work on twentieth-century Syrian history and
> has won the praise of an implausible collection of critics. Seale, however,
> never shook the reputation of being too close to the Syrian regime,
> particularly Hafiz al-Asad, father of the current president. And, indeed,
> he never could quite break with the regime, not even as the horrors of
> regime attempts to suppress the 2011 uprising were revealed. His passing is
> occasion to reflect on the Syria he knew and how the plot in the region has
> changed.
> Adam Shatz offers "Patrick Seale: A 
> Remembrance<http://www.merip.org/mero/mero050114?utm_source=merolist&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=seale>,"
> now in Middle East Report Online.
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