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On 5/1/14 8:40 PM, Joseph Catron wrote:
Judging from that Žižek article you posted here last night, I should
certainly think so! :-D

Seriously, I know of no one who fact-checks everything they post here, or
on any comparable forum.

And: glass houses, stones, etc., etc.

For the edification of new subscribers, Joseph--who went a year or so without posting here--is a supporter of Bashar al-Assad. I am not sure why since he called himself an anarchist some time ago (I think--at least he adores the Black bloc). Most anarchists would like to see him hung in Syria by his entrails. I of course am referring to al-Assad, not Joseph.

Despite his admission that he is not a Marxist, he has no trouble interjecting himself into the ongoing discussions here. My guess is that he is influenced by the pro-Baathist elements of the Palestinian leadership since he resided (or may still reside) in Gaza. As people can easily figure out, there are very few people--probably none--who don't line up on Ukraine as they do on Syria. For them, geopolitics trumps the class struggle.

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