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On 2014-05-02, at 3:50 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:

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> Ever since the crisis in the Ukraine broke out, Stephen F. Cohen has been 
> campaigning on behalf of a Kremlin that he warns is being unfairly demonized 
> by the West as part of an effort to start a new Cold War. Some of his 
> arguments can only be described as ludicrous. For example: “That the Ukraine 
> crisis was instigated by the West’s attempt, last November, to smuggle the 
> former Soviet republic into NATO.” In fact, despite the millions of words to 
> this effect from the pro-Putin left, this is what the new foreign minister 
> stated on March 29th:
>       Acting Foreign Affairs Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deschytsia has once 
> again stated that the new Ukrainian government is not intending to lead 
> Ukraine to NATO.
>       “We are considering all options regarding the strengthening of our 
> security and collective security. But we must stick to the existing 
> legislation of Ukraine,” he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Saturday.
>       The official noted that in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation 
> Ukraine is a non-aligned state.

You characteristically neglected to add:

"But the issue whether to change this legislation depends on the Ukrainian 
parliament. The program of the new Ukrainian government does not contain the 
intention of becoming a member of NATO," he said.

Deschytsia added that Ukraine supports an intensive dialogue with NATO and is 
discussing different forms and ways of cooperation.

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