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On 5/3/14 2:53 AM, glparramatta wrote:

By *Boris Kagarlitsky*, translated by *Renfrey Clarke* for /Links
International Journal of Socialist Renewal/

May 3, 2014 -- The preliminary outcome of the revolt in south-eastern
Ukraine can be described as an unstable equilibrium. Attempting to crush
the Donetsk republic with the help of their armed forces, the Kiev
authorities have met with defeat. The army, as expected, has refused
steadfastly to wage war on its own people, and the forces of the Right
Sector and National Guard have clearly been insufficient to cope even
with the militia, not to speak of the mass of protestors.

Full article at http://links.org.au/node/3832

Why doesn't Boris take a trip to Donetsk to see the revolt with his own eyes? Or at least he can watch the videos on Vice News, which are becoming sine qua non for those following events in Ukraine.

Here's dispatch #32 that shows a mob assaulting the prosecutor's office.


Toward the end, you hear one of the rebels yelling out "get the faggots".

Boris has convinced himself that the Donetsk revolt has a progressive dynamic because the protesters march on May Day and rally around a Lenin statue. This is no different than what we can expect from the CP of Ukraine or Russia for that matter. If this is what a leading Russian Marxist academic is capable of nowadays, then maybe we should reconsider Bakunin.

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