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On 5/4/14 11:47 AM, Shane Mage wrote:

But in fact Marx did write about the Commune abducting people (including
the Archbishop of Paris) and executing them. He even criticized the
Commune for this--that is, for *not* executing them until the very end!

Shane, you are hilarious. The taking of hostages was not initiated by the Communards but by the Prussians. The Communards resorted to this tactic after the fashion of the Red Army in the civil war in 1918 in the same way that capital punishment was reinstituted on a temporary basis.

What this has to do with Vice reporter Simon Ostrovsky being abducted in Donetsk and beaten for nearly a week is anybody's guess. I understand that you are fairly cynical in making such an argument but there are other people who take their Marx seriously who see through your sophistry.

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