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I've just stuck up a couple of pieces on Redline on this subject.

First is a classic article by James Connolly, the revolutionary Irish
workers' leader executed by British firing squad on May 12, 1916.  The
article is "Old wine in new bottles" and is followed by a beautiful version
of "Where is our James Connolly?" by Mary Black.  The Connolly article and
Black video are at:

The other article is the report given to the 2014 conference of the
Independent Workers Union by its national secretary, Noel Murphy.  The IWU
is a small, class-struggle union in Ireland.  Murphy is, I think from the
left-republican wing of the CPI, while other leaders like its national
president (Patricia Campbell) and its northern organiser (Tommy McKearney)
are former Provos.  Murphy's address is an attack on how Irish unions are
failing utterly to challenge the viciously anti-working class austerity
policies of the Fine Gael/Labour opposition and is at:

It would be great if people who read these articles could also make some
kind of comment in the comments section underneath them.

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