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Does anyone have any information about what is happening with the recent
protests and strike actions by various industrial workers in the Donbass

Since the article is in Russian, I'll paraphrase it very loosely:

According to the Rabkor.ru site (not sure how reliable its information
is), the entire cycle of metallurgical production is currently stopped
in the Donbass region, due to protests and work stoppages by miners,
metal workers and related industrial workers.

Striking miners at Enakievo have spontaneously raised the question of a
national political strike.  This has been accompanied by a call to
boycott banks and other business owned by various oligarchs, from
pro-new government financiers like Kolomoisky (accused of also financing
the "Right Sector"), to Ukraine's richest capitalist, Rinat Ahmetov, who
is Donbass-based.

The slogans are "Fascists get out", along with calls for Kiev to remove
its troops from the region.

I don't know what "spontaneous" means in this case, but could such labor
actions provide an opening for genuine (i.e. not neo-Stalinist, or
red-brown) organizing/propagandizing for revolutionary leftists?

Also, what is meant by a "political strike": against the oligarchs?  If
so, on what basis: of shifting factory ownership from Ukrainian
capitalists to Russian ones?  Or, of attempting worker
control/self-management?  Or, perhaps a strike simply against the new
government in Kiev?

I am curious, because almost everything seems to be focused
(understandably) on the fighting in Donbass and the tragedy in Odessa,
but the strikes have also started very recently.

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