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Thanks, that makes sense as far as the miners go.  However they are not the
only working class in the region.  How about workers in the Ukrainian arms
industry, closely integrated with the Russian arms industry:


I'd caution about tossing around the word "fascists" in the manner of our
opponents, until actual fascist organizations can be identified.  We have
Pravy Sektor and the youth arm of Svoboda, but I've not seen actual fascist
*organizations* identified amongst the Donbas militias.  I don't mean
individuals such as A. Dugin - more of a Russian "neo-con" than a fascist -
or "Cossacks", unless we are to label all so-called Cossacks, whom I
thought had been wiped out anyway, as "fascists".

Putin is already starting to backpedal:

Ukraine crisis: Russia's Putin 'backs' 25 May election
Breaking news

Russia's President Vladimir Putin says Ukraine's presidential election on
25 May is a step "in the right direction".

But he said the 25 May vote would decide nothing unless the rights of "all
citizens" are protected.

Mr Putin also urged pro-Russian activists in south-eastern Ukraine to call
off a series of independence referendums planned for this weekend.

It comes amid high tension between Russia and Kiev, and its allies in the
West, over the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia has been accused of backing pro-Moscow activists in a bid to try and
break up the country and annex more regions after Crimea.

Moscow says it will protect the rights of the largely Russian-speaking
people in the south and east against what it calls an undemocratic
government in Kiev.


I'm seeing preliminary signs of backpedaling from various sides. EXCEPT in
Washington, D.C., where the approach remains the same.

With reference to "Golden Dawn on the crisis in Ukraine", the question is
begged:  What IS the US up to in Ukraine and Europe more generally?

I'm not seeing much serious address on this here on Marxmail beyond snark.
Consequentially it is left to our opponents to fill in their answer.

You know my answer:  Strategically, drive a wedge between further
Russo-German economic integration.  The US will halt and change course when
Germany finally says stop, the US will not risk its ties with Germany -
unless the looney bin called Congress steps in and mucks it up.  But the US
will have already achieved a slowdown or interruption of such ties,
administered another hit to its German competition, plus it has concocted a
new atmosphere of a "new cold war" to replace the other wars Washington is
winding down.

To this extent the US is not only an active driver for civil conflict in
Ukraine, it is the most active driver for conflict there.  It makes sense
as the US has the least to lose in this situation.

None of which is good for the working class struggle.

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