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*Thailand: Shall Socialists Defend the Government Against the Military Coup?*

*/Reply to a Neo-Bordigist Polemic of the “Liaison Committee of Communists”
/By Michael Pröbsting, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency
(RCIT), 24.5.2014, www.thecommunists.net/

The “Liaison Committee of Communists” (LCC) has published a polemic
against the RCIT’s statement on the recent military coup d’état in
Thailand. (1) Their criticism is an illustrative example of ultra-left
confusion which completely ignores the importance of democratic
struggles. In fact, the LCC’s critique is a remake of the sterile
accusations of the Italian ultra-left communist, Amadeo Bordiga, against
the Bolshevik method as developed and defended by Lenin and Trotsky.

In our statement – as well as in other documents on Thailand – we
have elaborated the necessity for socialists in Thailand to mobilize
against the military coup d’état and to call for joint actions with
the Red Shirt movement. We have stated that, in the actual confrontation
between the government and the military putschists, socialists have to
defend the former against the latter. While socialists should work
towards a united front with the workers and poor peasants who have
repeatedly shown their support for the ruling Pheu Thai Party, they
should not give any political support to this party. We have called for
the formation of a revolutionary workers party which will aim to break
the workers and poor peasants away from the Pheu Thai Party and win them
for a revolutionary socialist perspective.


Revolutionär-Kommunistische Organisation BEFREIUNG

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