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On 07/08/2014 05:04 PM, Gary MacLennan via Marxism wrote:
> the Angry Arab has
> published the photographs of the destruction caused and he rightly points
> out that the victims will receive no favorable coverage in the NYT. 
I'll bet they receive much more favorable coverage than Syria's victims.
I haven't read the NYT today, but I just finish watching France24,
BBCNews & CBSNews, each reported that 20 Palestinians were killed by
Israeli air strikes today. Nobody mentioned Assad's victims in Syria.
VDC has already put that at 21 for today, but I doubt that will be the
final total because for the week  29th June - 5th July for which they
have complete info, they show the following daily tolls 73 - 64 -46 -77
-93 -75 - 72.

The short story is that the slaughter of Syrians has become so regular
and so accepted by the West that they almost never report on it.

Worst still, the "Left" never protests it. Why doesn't the Angry Arab
get angry about that?

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