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      Why won't this story be covered like Israel's attacks on Gaza?

> HOMS -- Fifteen people died as a result of an attack on a mosque late
> Tuesday in the town of Zafaran in Homs, in the western part of the
> country.
> The Syrian army fired missiles at Omer Bin Abdulaziz Mosque in
> Zafaran, Homs, during Ramadan prayer time, according to a statement by
> the Syrian Revolution General Commission.
> Fifteen people were killed and many were wounded some of whom are in
> critical condition, the commission said.

      Today's example of Assad's support for Islamic State

> SOHR has been informed that Dawud Brigade swore allegiance to the
> I.slamic State and conveied the fighters and ammunition from the town
> of Sarmin in the countryside of Idleb province to IS- held areas in
> the province of Al Raqqa, where a military convoy of more than 50
> vehicles were seen carrying fighters from Dawud Brigade and passing
> near the city of Saraqeb. *The convoy was going towards the provice of
> Al Raqqa through the road located between the two towns of Athrayya
> and Khanaser which is held by the regime foces which were able to
> target the convoy and prevent it to cross the area but they did not do
> so.*


Also recently from Linux Beach:

      Juan Cole turns to the Dark Side


> Given the well earned respect Juan Cole commands, I find it necessary
> to look at this piece in great detail, but before we do that perhaps
> it is best that we begin where he ends because one gets the feeling
> that everything else was shaped to support this predetermined conclusion:
>     I have concluded that the dangers of blowback from US intervention
>     are so great and the danger of an ISIS victory in Syria so
>     unacceptable that the US would be better off not intervening
>     directly in this conflict. 
> The joke is /"the danger of an ISIS victory in Syria"/ and Iraq,
> overblown as it is by Juan Cole, is already the result of three years
> of doing what he advocates, namely, the US /"not intervening directly
> in this conflict,"/ What do they call a policy that keeps doing the
> same thing while expecting a different outcome?


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