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from Linux Beach:

     You listen & decide - Is this voice of man who shot down MH 17?

On the same day that Malaysia Air flight MH 17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile with the loss of life of all 298 passengers and crew aboard on 17 July 2014, the Ukrainian Security Service [SBU] posted a video to You Tube which they said contained a recording of Igor Bezler, A Russian GRU agent saying they had just shot down an aircraft. I reported on this inmy blog <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/07/who-was-igor-bezler-before-he-shot-down.html> on Thursday.

Today I am presenting a You Tube video I have produced that is a composition of three different recordings all of which claim to be of Igor Bezler. In the first [1] he is reporting that they have just shot down a plane 25 minutes after flight MH 17 goes missing. It is from http://youtu.be/BbyZYgSXdyw The 2nd [2] is from an earlier intercept on 17 April 2014 of someone identified as Igor Bezler plotting kidnap and murder and uploaded to YouTube by the SBU on 24 April 2014. It is from http://youtu.be/sA8Co1Sglgs. The 3rd [3] is from a video presentation by Igor Bezler on 12 June 2014. It is a studio recording and of higher quality than the intercepts. It is from http://youtu.be/Xb4xyvWKTrw. You will hear nothing in this video but those three segments. The order is [1] [2] [1] [3] [1]. Are they they same voice? Is the person claiming credit for killing 298 people on 17th July, the same one who is speaking here on 17 April and 12 June. Is Igor Bezler guilty of the murder of 298 people? You listen and you decide.

*More...* <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/07/you-listen-decide-is-this-voice-of-mand.html>
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