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I don't like articles like this. It give a false sense of 'victory' based
on a totally faulty, wishful-thinking analysis.

The author writes

  "Israel has so far admitted to 25 dead soldiers in just four days of
ground operations. That’s a higher daily casualty rate than it suffered in

  "Had Netanyahu known that would be the price, he would not likely have
launched this foolish and criminal slaughter in Gaza."

This betrays a lack of understanding of Zionist gov't politics and the
reasons and...price...these gov'ts will pay to achieve what ever goal they
think is the target.

The target is, in fact, to punish the people of Gaza for tolerating Hamas.
It has nothing to do with wiping out Hamas, though that is for public,
mostly western, consumption. This is prat of the continual program to
suppress and "Bantustand" the whole of the Palestinian nation.

In fact "25 dead soldiers" is irrelevant to local Israeli politics except
to the degree that they are paraded as martyrs. Yes, Israel uses the
'martyr' tactic as well.

To measure this as a success or failure based on the criteria laid out in
this article does one any good...least of the people of Gaza under Israeli

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