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As I understand it, the Israeli military has a gag order on reporting any attacks on military installations in Israel. Thus one would not know whether or not Hamas has attacked them.
On 7/22/2014 12:23 PM, DW via Marxism wrote:
Rule #1: YOU MUST clip all extraneous text when replying to a message.

Dennis writes:

"Would you also say that the Vietnamese claim of victory in 1975 after
suffering 4 million dead, widespread birth defects from Agent Orange,
unexploded bombs killing people to this day, and widespread destruction
leaving their nation an economic basket case unable to serve as a positive
model for other former colonial nations were also guilty of
"wishful-thinking"? Was their victory merely Pyrrhic as Chomsky has

Terrible analogy, Dennis. The Vietnamese *won*. The Palestinians? Not so
much. I think the correct analogy here would be the Ted Offensive, which
was a lost by the NLF but proceeded the ultimate victory about 8 years
later. And we can discuss the Tet Offensive in this light perhaps later
since one can make the argument that though the offensive was totally
smashed, the costs to the U.S. and their S. Vietnamese puppets was
something they *may* of never recovered from, but in Vietnam and
domestically, in the U.S.

I don't see this as the same or as so analogous to the Ted Offensive. At
least not yet. Comparisons with Lebanon are apt though. But here you had an
abject *military* defeat for the IDF. They achieved none of their goals
though, as expressed in Israel, the Katyusha rockets *did* stop being
lobbed into Israel. Why the Hezbollah not once aimed those rockets at
Israeli military fortifications goes the stupid politics of these
resistance organizations which we can also discuss. [IDF forces are
concentrated and bunched up formation in known assembly points right
outside Gaza, *without Iron Dome protection*!!!].

And Dennis, you are correct, the situation of Palestinians is completely
fucked in terms of choices in strategy and tactics given the military and
geographic reality of both Gaza and the West Bank. No doubt about it.

But to 'claim' victory might be good for the Gaza street (which makes sense
*there*), while Israel STILL occupies parts of the Strip  and continued
*unabated* is simply not a victory. When Israel withdraws, after the
destruction of whole sections of the Stip and the murder of perhaps
thousands, then 'victory' can be discussed. Until then it *disorients*
those fighting in solidarity with Gaza specifically and for Palestine in
general. I will not circulate such poorly proclamatory crap as that article
in question.

(also fighting for over 40 years against Zionism).
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