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I have read Binh's recent article 
 on the relation between Palestine and Syria and saw a statistic from FP that 
more than 700 people have been killed in Syria between Thursday and Friday 

Even facts like how Assad has substantially displaced more Palestinians than 
Israel has this year tend to be interpreted as apologetic for Israel. 

Fortunately, I had found this amazing line that seemed to really convey why the 
Palestinian struggle is famous in a recent article by Adam shatz.. This 
explanation can't be easily characterized as whitewashing Israel:

"Do you know why we are so famous?" Mahmoud Darwish asks the Israeli writer 
Helit Yeshurun inPalestine as Metaphor. "It's because you are our enemy. The 
interest in the Palestinian question flows from the interest in the Jewish 
question…. It's you they're interested in, not me!… So we have the misfortune 
of having an enemy, Israel, with so many sympathizers in the world, and we have 
the good fortune that our enemy is Israel, since Jews are the center of the 
world. You have given us our defeat, our weakness, our renown." As Darwish 
suggests, this concern for the Palestinians is not a matter of anti-Semitism, 
as Israel supporters claim, so much as it is a reflection of self-absorption: 
the Palestinians are important to the West because, through their oppression by 
Israeli Jews, they have become characters in a Western narrative."

(I encourage you to read the full article. We should have more writers on the 
region like Adam Shatz, and less of Chris Hedges and Robert Fisk (and plenty 
others in zmag, counterpunch) who view the Middle East as a geopolitical entity 
that revolves around America.)

I'm afraid by the time the Syrian question becomes popular, all Syrians would 
be dead already. And it will stay unpopular for as long as the players involved 
aren't Israeli Jews or Westerners* as Mahmoud Darwich, in the usual Palestinian 
acerbic wit, demonstrates. 


*As western jihadists going to fight in Syria garner more discussion in western 
papers of record and media than the victims of the war  
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