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"Finally there's the question of Resistance "supporters" such as Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, whose support is limited to training and material aid, and
certainly has nothing to do with a strategy to mobilize the Arab and
Iranian masses. And of course at the moment all three are involved in
genocidal attacks on the Syrian component of those masses."

The idea of these three along with the Palestinians as the "Resistance" or the "Rejectionists" is completely laughable. It is true that Iran has in the past provided weaponry to Hamas, and that Hezbollah's past conflicts with Israel, particularly in 2006, were at least in part motivated by opening another front to help Palestine. The Syrian regime has nothing to do with this dynamic; it has spent decades slaughtering the Palestinian resistance, assassinating its leaders, trying to destroy and take over its organisations, and while allowing some to have headquarters in Syria, making damned sure, with an iron fist, that none of them ever got anywhere near the occupied Golan border to do any resistance there. Israel fully understands and appreciates this and has said so clearly.

As for support to the Palestinians in Gaza, states alleged to be part of an imaginary "pro-imperialist" or perhaps "non-rejectionist" (whatever that means) "camp", such as Qatar, have certainly provided far more concrete aid than the Syrian regime.

As for Iranian support, it was cut off in 2012 when Hamas made the principled decision to support the Syrian uprising, citing the fact that the Syrian people were undergoing a struggle similar to their own. Iran put its sectarian/geopolitical alliance with the Syrian counterrevolution ahead of any support to Palestinian resistance. This also strained Hamas-Hezbollah relations, being on opposite sides in Syria, but Hamas made sure to try to maintain a working relationship with Hezbollah inside Lebanon, in the interests of the safety of the Palestinian refugees, who largely live in similar areas to Hezbollah's Shia base.

But as Andy said, even Hezbollah is irrelevant to the situation now; with both Iranian troops and Hezbollah fully engaged in the main counterrevolutionary war in the region in defense of tyranny, the time for Israel to launch another savaging of Gaza was perfect. World attention focused on ISIS' sudden surge in Iraq also made the time perfect. As people joke now, Hezbollah will come to the aid of the Palestinian resistance via Homs, Aleppo, Damascus and perhaps even Iraq, where Hezbollah was rumoured to be sending some forces to fight ISIS (and the Sunni rebellion) on behalf of its Iranian master. That's a pretty long road to Palestine.

Let's be perfectly clear - all the talk of "resistance" in the region is a giant pot of shit. The one and only resistance is Hamas and the Palestinians it leads and its allies. The other alleged members of this ex-group were fairweather friends at best. And whatever its faults, of which there are plenty, Hamas' decision to back the Syrian uprising represents something that would have been good to see from the Cubans, Venezuelans etc - seeking allies among the masses rather than from among the class enemy.

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