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"Why should they even bother? I've already discredited those reports. Russia
showed graphics [not data] that had an Su-25 tracking MH17 at 10km. I've
already shown the Su-25 has a ceiling of 7km when it isn't carrying any

So? An Su-25 flying at 20,000 feet can quite easily shadow a passenger
liner flying at 33,000 ft. Why is his even a comment? Don't you know that
an Su-25 can be a 1,000 feet and shoot down a plane at 40,000 feet? It can
piggey back ground based phased-array radar to it's own upgraded weapons
system and shoot any variety of air-to-air missiles to take it out. It's a
flying "BUK" if you will. I think the Separatists shot it down but I can
see the Ukrainian gov't, that ALLOWED this plane to fly over a military
conflict zone, quite happy about the Russians shooting it down. The point
is the 'ceiling' is a wholly irrelevant point unless it was going to use
it's cannons to shoot it down.

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