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On Wed, July 23, 2014 17:17, DW via Marxism wrote:
> Apology to Clay for calling him a state dept socialist. This was out of
> line here

That's a good start....

> and it not accurate (that positions are congruent with this or
> that Imperialist position doesn't make one a "state dept socialist")

No it wouldn't, but you are still careless in calling his words "congruent
with [an] Imperialist position." Saying which missile hit which plane is
not a "position," it is just an assessment of fact. If you count every
simple fact (say, starting with the multiplication table) then I guess you
could say that I agree with over 99% of "imperialist positions."

And finally:

On Wed, July 23, 2014 17:11, DW via Marxism wrote:
> Clay, who has become the point man for the "Russia is Evil, Ukraine Good"
> crowd of state dept type socialists here

The apology to Clay was insufficient because an entire "crowd" was
labelled "state dept type socialists." That might well include me and the
majority of this list. And furthermore, who among us exactly says "Russia
is Evil, Ukraine Good"? AFAIK everyone on this list agrees that Ukraine is
a capitalist country and people don't come to this list if they think
capitalist countries are "good."

- Jeff

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