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Here is further documentation, from a source published by members of the U.S. 
armed forces, that Eastern Ukrainian popular fighters had nothing whatever to 
do with the shoot-down of the plane load of already-dead bodies blamed on 
seperatist militia members, who were not even there.


He who has not understood this has understood nothing.

The anti-fascist forces, whose wisdom and courage are higher than the Pamirs, 
have only to wiggle a little finger to secure victory.


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>Rule #1: YOU MUST clip all extraneous text when replying to a message.
>The guy who wrote this is a commercial air line pilot. He makes a very good
>technical case why an Su-25 could, or likely wouldn't, shoot down the
>plane. I don't agree with everything he writes but he makes a...better
>case...here than anything else I've read on blogs.
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