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Lars Lih: The Lies We Tell About Lenin

I will just point to one odd feature of this pro-October story: it has a
pronounced anti-Bolshevik tinge. According to many writers in the
Trotskyist tradition, the doctrine of Old Bolshevism was pernicious error
that had to be rejected before revolutionary victory was possible. We are
constantly reminded by writers in this tradition that the Bolsheviks
themselves, taken as a whole, were a dull lot who stubbornly remained loyal
to what they had been told yesterday, even when their brilliant and
visionary leaders had moved on.

So pronounced is this anti-Bolshevik mood that some writers still have not
forgiven me for saying something nice about Bolshevik underground
activists. Don’t I realize that these activists were stodgy, hidebound
komitetchiki who mistakenly refused to listen to the wisdom of émigré
leaders such as Lenin and Trotsky?
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