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I also consider C. J. Chivers very creditable [ we follow each other on
twitter ] His NY Times study is one of three I have generally cited to
back my view that NATO caused relatively few civilian causalities in
Libya. The UN put the number at 60, HRW said 72, this NYTimes report
reviewed 150 incidents at 25 locations and put the number at 40-70. None
have claimed they were just sampling and none claimed they had counted
all possible civilian causalities, just all they knew about. I have
generally said less than a hundred feeling that I was still allowing a
wide margin for new deaths to be incorporated in the count.

In Sirte, they document 7 women and children killed on 25 Sept when the
home of a Brig General was bombed. They also document another woman,
Aisha Abdujodil, killed when her apartment building was bombed. That
makes 9 of the 40-72, and while, as their narrative makes clear, every
death is an individual tragedy, I still have seen no facts that back up
a claim that NATO caused massive civilian deaths in Sirte.

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