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Subject:        Famous last
Date:   Mon, 05 Sep 2011 11:30:16 -0700
From:   Clay Claiborne <clayc...@gmail.com>

> I think the notion of 'no fly zone' is a lot of prettifying spin.  If
> it simply means wiping out Gaddafi's planes and helicopters, so he
> can't fly, that's rather easily done. Then what? Obviously, it means
> much more than that, and we are watching it unfold. What it really
> means is to use NATO air and sea power to destroy Gadaffi and his
> regime and supporters, regardless of 'collateral damage.'  And its
> turning out not to be easy without trained and disciplined 'boots on
> the ground.' Whether Obama and NATO are willing to take that step is
> what they are up against, and that is the step Kucinich is trying to
> block--and I agree with him.  Their initial claim that Gadaffi could
> be wiped out with a week or two of air strikes has been proven wrong.
> The question for you and Gilbert is whether you are willing to go the
> distance to supporting a NATO invasion and occupation, and still call
> the results progressive.
Carl Davidson, Jul 11, email to me.

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